Last Friday, my husband Christian turned 35.

It’s not old, it’s not young. In fact it is pretty much just another birthday.

Not in this house.

A few years ago, Christian and I decided to make birthdays in our house super special.

Each year, for every birthday, we all take the day off work, school, kindergarten and share the day together.

It is the birthday persons choice ofIMAG0274 what happens on the day. So far in the last couple of years we have had parties, visited the zoo, visited aquariums and eaten our way through the day.

Whatever we have planned, it always starts the same way.

The birthday person sleeps in while the adult(s) and little warriors blow up balloons, prepare the presents, cook the breakfast and make a party like atmosphere to start the day off right.

Christian LOVES his food. So his birthday requests are always the same. Canadian pancakes for breakfast.

Now I don’t know if the Canadians really eat their pancakes this way but this is how we make them up.

Thick fluffy pancakes, with bacon, eggs and topped off with maple syrup.IMAG0279

Over the last couple of years we have learnt not to over indulge this early in the morning. Only one pancake, one egg and small amounts of bacon.

This year we were joined by Christian’s parents for a lovely lazy lunch in a nearby town. IMAG0284

The evening was then spent together with birthday cake. A special creation of chocolate cake (recipe to follow), with chocolate ganache and Boost bars chopped up on top…..Did I mention that Christian LOVES food?IMAG0295

We started this tradition hoping that it is something the children will cherish for years to come. On Monday this day became something more.IMAG0298

We were going about our normal crazy mornings trying to get everyone ready and out the door for school, when I received a phone call at 8am.

Christian had been in a car accident.

Thankfully he was okay. A little bit of whiplash and emotionally shaken, but in one piece.

The car not so lucky.

I have been thinking about this birthday piece all week and realised that it’s not only about celebrating the persons birthday and making them feel loved and special.

It is giving us, as a family, 5 more special occasions and reasons to stop and be thankful for each other.

After all. You never know what is around the corner.