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Well I never.

I never thought that I would be sitting down by the fire on a rainy day to write about my woodworking adventures. Here we are though, you, me and a hot cup of coffee.Bed Side Tables

This story begins with impulse shopping of the grandest scale.

Hubby and I have been talking and talking, whinging and talking, whinging and whining, about getting a new bed for the longest time.

I said lets wait till we buy our house, hubby agreed, conversation on hold.

House bought, no money left to buy said bed, conversation on hold.

Hubby meets someone who can “do-a-deal”. This “deal” sees us in a very large bedding store “getting-a-quote”.

The sales person in the store sees us and thinks – “creatures of comfort” or “suckers” – I’ll let you choose.

2….yes TWO hours later, hubby and I have left said bedding store with a gorgeous, comfortable, king sized bed due for delivery in 2 weeks.New Bed

Oh how lovely…..if you don’t take into consideration – the bed won’t fit; we don’t have the money; I need new sheets conscience, that was hanging over our heads…..anyhow.

The bed is in, it is paid for (nearly) and our new sheets are lovely. Our only residual problem was we needed bed side tables that would fit.

Carpenter Meaghan to the rescue!

Using some scrap wood lying around this is what I created.Bed Side Tables Side View

Two neat, little side tables that we can sit our lamps, clocks, bits and bobs on.

They aren’t perfect. Hacked out with a handsaw, hammer, nails and a can of spray paint. But I have to say I’m super proud of them and happy with the result.

They are practical, functional and look a lot better than the cardboard box that was in their place.Tables in action

Woodworking confidence is now at an all time high and I’m wondering whether or not I attempt to build the built in bookcases that I would like either side of the fire place.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the interest of full disclosure:Unmade bed