I came across a word a little while ago. It is my new favourite word. I’d like to share it.



In context, this is how I read it.

“Part of the cause of unsatisfactoriness is what Buddhists call impermanence, or the way that everything must change into something else – nothing stays the same. Everything in life – people, circumstance, objects down to the smallest particle – is in process, and this leaves us with nothing solid and lasting to rely on. Buddhism doesn’t deny that happiness is possible, for it is. The problem is that we can’t hold onto happiness. As with everything, it passes. A life typically includes birth, ageing, pain and death. We can spend our lives distracting ourselves from these facts but they are inescapable.” **

I read this and felt like 10 tonnes had been lifted from my shoulders.IMAG0224

My whole life I’ve been trying to make things perfect. I’ve worried myself about what people think, what if something happens to my family, how will I cope if my world falls apart.

As opposed to focusing on all the terrific things that are in my life.

So my world has changed.IMAG0230

I’ve let my tight grip go. I’m trying to live in the moment and not wish my time away.

I feel the sun, watch the rain and smile at the rainbows.

My kids drive me mad and I look at them with despair, then realise that another 10 years will fly by and I’ll want them to be talking to me.

When I’m happy, I step back and enjoy the moment. How lucky to be here.IMAG0233

Today I visited the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. We went for my 3 year old. For us, it was a good visit. We are all clear of her allergies.

For many, it’s not a good visit. For some, it’s home.

It doesn’t matter how shiny and new the building is, the children are still sick.

Hopefully the distraction makes the children feel better, but for their parents, I doubt they notice the new walls, the fish and the football players signing things.

A blogger I read has lost her father to cancer in the last week. Then her husbands dog died, five days later. They are also auctioning their house this weekend.

Life doesn’t stop. Suffering does happen. Timing can be terrible. Hearts still ache.

Knowing the word doesn’t make you immune or perfect.

Hopefully it smooths the ride a little.IMAG0240

** Quote taken from Buddhism for Mothers: Sarah Napthali pg.6.