Wow, it has been nearly a month since my last post.

So where have I been?

Missing In Action has a complete new meaning.

In an incomplete nutshell, I’ve joined C.W.A (Country Women’s Association for the uninitiated….don’t laugh I’m loving it), started group personal training, joined a bookgroup, playing netball, running kids to netball, dancing, the health centre for check ups, the library, kids piano concerts. I’ve baked bread, made fruit loaf, slices, lunches, dinners and birthday cakes. Sewed dolls, appliqued t-shirts and towels, had sewing days with friends, learnt to crochet, knitted a beanie. Cleaned bathrooms, collected wood, made beds, washing washing and more washing, vacuumed floors, countless rounds of dishes. Drank a lot of coffee, de-cluttered the house, walked dogs and somewhere between all of that managed to get some sleep. All while tending to the needs of the family, cuddles, games, shoe-laces, arguments, tears, bathtimes etc. etc. etc. etc.Bread

All of the above and so much more has lead me to one of the most obvious realisations of my life.


But I can damn well try.

My hot tip is knowing that something each week has to give and not feeling guilty about it.

Important items that don’t appear on lists but happen everyday like spending time with your children, husbands, friends and family take precedence. If someone says would you like a cuppa, say yes. If your kids want you to splash in the rain, do it. The things on your list can move with you.

I usually hit the week with an almighty list of “to do’s” and feel guilty for underachieving. My list and mind set is altering.Iris birthday cake

I write a complete list of all the things I would like to do. Then mark the things that “have” to be done, things that I would “like” to do, then things that possibly could be put off until next week.

My mind set then thinks – if I get to all of this great, but lets just start at the first item and see how far we get.

There’s been a few teething problems, for example my blog has missed out 4 weeks in a row. So the balancing needs a bit of tweaking.

On the positive side I haven’t missed key things that have happened, in fact, I feel proud that the effort I’ve put in to the things I have achieved, has been well thought out, organised and to the best of my ability.

So stay tuned, I have loads and loads of craft, cooking and thoughts that I really want to share. There are notes and ideas scribbled everywhere. Hopefully as my organisation starts to kick in, more will end up in my blog.Scones