I mentioned in passing the other day that I purchased an ergonomic chair.

A real bargain. I found it for $8 at our local Op shop (second-hand store for those not from Australia). Can you believe it. $8. I didn’t need convincing, I’ve been spending a bit of time at my computer lately and the promise of me sitting up straight along with the fact that it matched our ridiculous red carpet, had me at the counter in seconds of spotting it.

I also bought 2 cardigans for a bit of re-fashioning (see here).

P1040635 crop

When I made it to the counter I was under no illusion that all of these items were once well-loved prior to me purchasing them. I was happy with my little bargains.

The amusement for the day though, came from the quirky little man who served me.

“Oh both brand new, never been worn!” He declared as I put the cardigans on the counter. I just smiled, perhaps he had failing eyesight that limited his ability to notice the worn-to-a-thread labels.

When I presented the stool there was more. “Oh you’ve got yourself a bargain there – good English birch that.”

Was he joking! Constructed from pine, padding and fabric and held together with screws and staples. This $8 bargain was anything but good English birch.

You judge for yourselves, does it look like good English birch to you?


So amused I laughed to myself all the way home. But then, I started thinking.

What made this man feel like he had to lie? I had already bought the items. Was he trying to make me feel good? Did he think I was stupid?

As a child I was drilled on the perils of lying. As an adolescent I struggled to understand those that didn’t tell the truth. Now, in adulthood I don’t have the time, inclination or energy to lie. In fact, it is a trait that I dislike immensely and really don’t understand.

Don’t get me wrong, honesty is not a crowd pleaser, as I have found out numerous times. Cheating boyfriends, lying friends and somehow you become enemy number 1 for a short time.

But I have found, with honesty and integrity comes no regrets and a sense of satisfaction like no other. This is what I hope to pass on to my children.

So although this man gave me reason on my ordinary day to have a chuckle, and his lies were seemingly harmless. My thoughts led to me feeling sorry for him and his need to spin a yarn. Surely his truth would be far more interesting.

After all, if you aren’t living with truth and honesty, are you really living?