I’ve mentioned more than once about our “tree change” at the end of last year. Basically we moved from the busy Melbourne suburbs to a town which reads “Population 1200” on the sign. Although our neighbours tell me it’s been like that for at least the last 6 years!

We settled on our little house in November last year but didn’t move until our eldest finished school at the end of December.

Five months. That is all we have been here. However, I already feel like we are “home”. It is a truly wonderful feeling. The people are so accommodating, our house is cosy and we are enjoying being close enough to both sets of grandparents for day trip visits.

The troops – 3 kids and 2 dogs on the way to the farmers market.

Over the last five months, we have gone from not knowing a single soul in this town, to being able to walk down the street and say hello to quite a few of the people.

As hubby works in the city all day, he hasn’t met as many people, but still made the comment on the difference between our first visit to the farmers market, where we knew no-one, to our most recent visit where we spent half the morning having lovely chats with people we’ve met.

We have met people through Hannah’s school, Eve’s kinder, people in the same street and of course the local shop owners. Last night, however, I realised that a majority of the people I have met have been through us volunteering with the school and kindergarten.

I didn’t even think about it way back when we were living in Perth and Hannah’s playgroup needed someone on the committee. Sure why not. My parents had always been involved with our kinder and school committees, why couldn’t I.

It has amazed me over the last 5 years how scared people are of going on committees. I have to admit when I first went to a meeting I too was scared. I’m no board member. I haven’t run big organisations. What could I provide that was valuable?

But none of the above is really the point. It’s not about you.

What you are providing the committee is a little time and effort. Man power to keep the organisation/club running.

What you put in, the committee gives out in spades to your kinder/school/sport group. This in turn means you are helping your own children and community, have access to better facilities.

The reality is, without committees these valuable resources would cease to exist.

The more people who help out, the easier it is: “Many hands make light work” as the saying goes.

This year the Kindergarten committee I am on, is filled with fabulous ladies. There are so many of us that each of us spends about 2-3 hours a month towards the kinder. That is all!

Some of the women are true blood locals, others are a year in, some are like me and have just moved here. We all have children, some are stay at home mums, others work, some have girls, some have boys. We don’t all have business degrees and we are all busy. Once a month though, we put on our kinder hats, sit down and just make sure everything is running smoothly.

Of course there is always a cuppa, something to nibble and a bit of chatter about what is going on around town along the way.

These women have made my everyday a lot easier, without even realising that they are doing it.

Our local farmers market

Whatever your situation, I whole heartedly recommend joining a committee. There is nothing but positives to come out of it for everyone involved.

What have you got to lose? At the end of the day if you do join a committee and you don’t like it, you can always leave.