Saturday night I was home alone with the girls, while hubby went to see his beloved Sydney Swans play in Melbourne.

With the kidlets in bed (always early when dad isn’t here), I decided to make the most of the quiet and do a little sewing.

Having three girls, we have endless boxes of clothes. Every size between newborn and 6/7. This year, for the first time, we have hit a snag. Our little Maggie, who is 7 months, doesn’t have any really warm clothes for winter.

Odd? Not when you learn our two older girls spent their first Winters in Perth…. Arrggghhh I feel warm just thinking about it.

Poor little Maggie is spending her first Winter at our new home in country Victoria. It is starting to get cold. Not just a little bit cold. Bone chilling cold.

On the weekend I opened my lousy bags and spent $8. I know, I went all out. And bought this.

Apart from being extremely pink, it’s a bit boring.

With a little bit of pottering and the same applique technique I used to do the towels, I turned the above tracksuit into this.

This little project, for me, was the perfect way to fill in a bit of time. Also so much more fun than dealing with our washing! Don’t judge…it was Mothers Day Eve!