I’ve been missing this week. Buried in my head.

It has been a week of thought. Where every single thing you read, hear or discuss makes you ask another question.

Not a little question – What will I wear today?

But big questions. The hardest kind of questions. Questions about you. Who you are. What you stand for. How would you behave?

Too deep? There’s more.

My questions turn into questions – like a dog chasing its own tail. Round and round and round.

Lost yet? I’ve been feeling that way all week.

Today I’m curious. Am I crazy? Do others think as much as me? or Am I sleep deprived? and Have I been drinking too much coffee?

I’m putting you to the test…..here are some of the things that made me think this week. Please read them if you’ve got the time. I’d love to know what you thought.

I’m out now. Out of my head. Dug myself out with a dance, long drive, coffee and a good nights sleep.

I am ready for the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours x