ANZAC day in Australia is a very special day.

We remember all of those who have given their lives for our country and honour those who are still in active duty. Many have written about the importance of ANZAC day and far more eloquently than I can.

This year was a little different for us. My husband and eldest daughter made it to the local ceremony, while the remainder of us slept in. We needed it.

When hubby & Hannah got home, they put their comfy clothes on.

This year we marked the holiday a little more than the occasion – rightly or wrongly. We had a day off.

We spent the morning together by the fire.

We took silly family photos of us un-showered, with hats on, happy and together.

We cleaned our house. It didn’t take too long, our house isn’t big.

Then the feeling of domesticity took over and I started cooking.

I cooked the sort of good, comfort food, required when the weather is cold and your family is having a day off.

Pumpkin soup and chocolate brownies.

Now I’d love to share the pumpkin soup recipe….but I don’t have one. I make it up as I go along. If you would like more detail please email me and I’ll send you my hashed up version.

The “Triple Choc Brownies” are a different story.

I laughed when I read the recipe. It’s been 6 years since I’ve made them. How do I know? Because the recipe is dated 6 Feb 2006. My eldest child was nearly 3 months old and I got the recipe from Ready Steady Cook. I made SO many brownies at this time that I haven’t made them since. Not because they’re bad, because they are good!

Once I started eating them I couldn’t stop. After I have babies, my waistline insists that I should not be eating brownies….lesson learnt the hard way after baby No1.

Anyway. I don’t know why I came back to them last Wednesday, but I am mighty glad I did. You will be too.

I’ve made a pretty pdf of the recipe and you can download it here. (New link includes 1/2 sugar ommitted from first list of ingredients – apologies)

Lessons I’ve learnt when making these tasty morsels:

  • Chocolate is interchangeable: You can use white, milk or dark. Use good quality though.
  • Nuts are interchangeable – or can be even left out.
  • Instead of using a muffin pan, use a mini muffin tin. The recipe then means you fill a 12 hole mini muffin pan instead of just 6 big ones. I remembered this after I made this batch.
  • If the brownies smell ready they are. Ignore the time. They burn on the bottom first which is hard to judge. So go with your nose.
  • They are a super easy, one bowl, one tin, 20 min till eating brownie. Great for last minute guests if you have the ingredients on hand.
  • The recipe includes instructions for fudge sauce. I’ve never made the fudge sauce but if you were dressing the brownies up for a dinner party I imagine it would be delightful.

Please enjoy x