Years and years ago, I was watching Oprah, one of her specials about mothers and their amazing tips and tricks. The tip that I locked away in my memory bank has been so invaluable over the last few years that I thought I’d share it.

When your children start kinder, copious amounts of artwork, pastings, invitations, puppets etc etc start to make their way through the front door.

They are cute, generally oversized, bright and whimsical (i.e you can’t tell if its a blue dot or a super hero saving the world). None-the-less, these creations belong to your children. If your children are like mine, they will not let you throw anything out.

Here’s our notice board, only one week into Term 2 of school and kindergarten.

The tip I learnt from Oprah.

When your display area is full with artwork, take them all down! I know crazy.

Lay the child on the floor, all the artwork around the child and take a photo. Like so.

You then have a lovely picture of your child at the age the artworks were done, a record of the artwork and you can clear the display area for all the pieces yet to be created.

The big pieces of paper you can use for wrapping paper, special items you can keep and the rest…..well lets just say I am doing my bit for the planet. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Just so I can walk down memory lane, the photo on the left is of my eldest daughter Hannah. This is her in the school holidays just gone.

The photo to the right is Hannah after her first term of 3 y/o Kinder 4 years ago.

It’s not only the children that change, the houses, the capabilities. I find doing this is like a cheats way of scrapbooking…..that just happens to keep your house clear of clutter.

Thanks Oprah.