Firstly let me start by saying – I’m no social crusader. I’d like to do good on a grand scale but so many things stop this from happening.

I am bad with facts and figures. I am busy with life. I am generally not interested enough and the worst….. I get bored.

As ignorant as this may sound, it’s the truth.

When KONY 2012 went crazy. I watched the video. I cried for those children, the parents and all the suffering. And I thought, I can do this.

Do what?

All that the movie asked of me. It said “Let’s make KONY famous”.

I can do that. I can wear a T-shirt. I can wear a bracelet. I can put stickers and posters up. I can spare $50.

So I did it. I bought the pack.

Now – here in lies my dilemma. I’m so bad with facts and figures that I’m not sure if today is the day – or tomorrow. My pack says the night of April 20. In which timezone? Is it so people see red today? Is that so tomorrow everyone gets up and sees red? Not sure.

I’m rolling with the April 20 thing though. I’m wearing my t-shirt. Armed with my bracelet. Plastered my 3 y/o with a KONY sticker (she said that she doesn’t want to meet him though – you and me both babe). And I’m off to my eldest daughter’s nice conservative school for a Grade 1 presentation. I’m sure I’ll get looks, but hopefully I’m doing my job. Making Joseph Kony, one of the worlds worst war criminals, a little more famous.

And just in case I got the day wrong…..I’ll do it again tomorrow.