Since I started writing this blog, my focus has shifted. Like when you buy a new car, you suddenly notice the cars around you. When you decide your going to have a baby, everyone seems pregnant. Since I decided to share the love – I am seeing the love and all those that are loving on such a grand scale.

The givers in life.

In one of my moments this week I was watching The Voice. One of the most amazing talents of the show had not been to school since she was 12. Had been a self harmer. And by her own admission had no self belief.

It was her foster parents who cared enough about her to buy her a guitar and give her a voice.

Because two people gave a little – this girl gained a lot.

The reward for this girl was the chance of a lifetime, and damn it, she deserved it.

The reward for the foster parents was seeing that girl believing in herself. At some point in the show I’m sure the young girl (19) mentioned that she’d first met her foster parents when she was 2.

Unashamedly the foster parents cried for the girl. Proud tears. Knowing all that had happened in her life to get her to this point. They’d travelled that path with her. 17 years.

I had a discussion with a friend of mine about foster parents once. How hard it must be to have the kids come and go. No real control over the environments they are exposed to. No control over when they are given or taken away from you. Never knowing what the future holds.

These people give their best everyday because it might be their last chance to help these children that need it the most.

So here is my shout out to all the amazing people who give a little of themselves each day so others can have a lot.

Thank you for sharing the love with the thousands of children that need it the most.

Interested in becoming a Foster Carer:

  • Barnados Foster Care can be reached here
  • Australian Foster Care Association state links can be reached here