Only last week, a friend of mine from Perth, Robin, posted a fabulous little idea on her blog “from the blue shed”. I knew straight away, with all the people camping over Easter, it would be a winner for all ages.

And so, on Easter Sunday morning, with some enthusiastic little helpers we made these really cool nests.

Please go and check out Robin’s entry here for all the details and her instructions.

The things we did differently were:

  • The glue mix was 1 part PVA, 1 part Water. I mixed the glue/water into a bucket and the kids dipped each piece of grass invidividually, wiping the excess off as they went.
  • We used disposable plastic dessert bowls. When the PVA dries it doesn’t adhere to the plastic.

Next time I will be using some gloves – like the ones used for food handling. On the day we made the nests it was very cold, which made dipping and wiping the excess glue off not as enjoyable as getting messy usually is. I think by using gloves it would eliminate the chill and help with the clean up at the end.

The parts the children enjoyed the most were;

  • Hunting around for the grass, leaves, feathers etc. It’s surprising what you find in your own backyard.
  • Getting messy with the glue (although once the fingers were cold it wasn’t as fun).
  • Moulding the nest.

They haven’t really played with the nests now they are finished, I’m not sure how you would? I’ll have to think of something special for them and report back.

Overall, a great little activity that is easy to set up and easy to do. Thanks Robin for another great idea.

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