In my madness to get ready for Easter. I had to wrap 3 presents very quickly. We don’t give a lot of presents at Easter. You don’t really need to, there is always so much chocolate floating around.

This year, I thought I’d give our mums (and Christian for his desk at work) an updated photo of the girls. It’s been a while – I don’t think my mother in law even has a photo of our second daughter who is now three!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I have a MOUNTAIN of wrapping paper on the ready at all times. I love how simple pieces of paper, can make a gift look and feel so fancy. It builds the anticipation of what’s inside.

But cards always prove a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I love making them. But I can spend a good 30 minutes making one and if I need one (or 3!) in a hurry then I need back up plans.

Good Friday was no exception. I decided to search through some of my scraps (I keep everything!) and found some cute floral paper that I’d used on Xmas cards about 5 years ago, and some plain coloured ovals that I think are supposed to be for scrapbooking. And suddenly I thought eggs. I know. Genius with it being Easter and all!

Grabbed some scissors (I used plain scissors and pinking shears but any decorative scissors will do if you have them), glue tape, ribbon to match, hole punch and we were ready to go.

BEFORE you glue anything, have a little play with where you want the paper, how thick you want it, if you want it layered or shaped. There are so many options and it is totally up to your taste.

I decided I just wanted a few little strips across the middle.

When you are happy, run a little glue tape on the backs of the paper and stick them down onto the oval. Don’t worry about the overlap.

I find it easier to then turn the card over so that you can see the edge of the oval shape. Trim with your scissors as close as you can along the edge so that there is no overhanging scraps. Punch a hole in the top for the ribbon and ta da. One gift tag complete.

Another tip: Write on your card before you attach it to your present. It makes life so much easier.