Wow, Easter. How was yours? Including us, we had 19 people camping at our house. A lot, yes. To make things a little more interesting, they were 19 of my husband’s family. In-laws, Out-laws – there are many different names.

I wrapped up a photo of our girls for Christian, my mum and Christian's mum as our gift for Easter. See the entry on how to make these simple gift tags.

My husband is the youngest of 5 children. A few have married, a few have kids, a few are single. The mix is wide and varied. And I have to say, they are lovely people. When you start dating someone you meet their family upfront. You know what you are in for. I really like my husband’s family, warts and all, and it is why we volunteered to have them all here at Easter.

But….there is always one….in the spirit of keeping it real – it is hard work. Feeding, sleeping and caring for that many people. And….even if you really like the people, there are always moments when you want to scream and shout because – let’s face it – things happen that are just not what you’d do, or what you expect of people.

About 30 hours into my journey of Easter. I’d had my 6 month old up twice in the night, got up to help furry EB at 5.30 and was doing my third lot of dishes for the morning….I asked myself…Why am I doing this?

We made these nests on Easter Sunday morning. Very easy and entertaining. An entry on "how to" is following.

I looked out my kitchen window and watched 9 cousins laughing hysterically. Filthy, some in their pyjamas, hair not done, teeth not brushed, shoes on/off, socks white but black and I thought. That’s why.

I looked out my lounge room windows and saw my husband sitting with his brothers, sister and parents around a camp fire. That might not ever happen again. And I thought. That’s why.

Suck it up Meaghan. This moment will never happen again, you’ve made your children happy, you’ve made your husband happy. And suddenly I felt a little better. Yes, I was still tired and a little grumpy but a little better! Sometimes you have to realise that it’s not all about you.

Today, I checked my emails. And found this. A Thank You from my in-laws.

And it makes it all worth while.

Never under-estimate the power of a “Thank You” – in any shape or size.