I love to try anything that is remotely crafty. I am a proud crafter – cool or not so cool – I LOVE it. My girlfriend even gave me a card for my birthday “Crafty Lady – you can’t help but love a lady who is not afraid to do nanna craft”. I was so proud ūüôā

Candle making, I would not consider a nanna craft, but it has certainly been around for ages. And lets face it, who doesn’t love a candle. The romance, the relaxation, the ambience. Who knew it was so easy to do. So I’m sharing the love people and giving you my super basic instructions.

To make the candles I used: 100% soy wax flakes, wick, wick holders, heat proof vessels, scissors, pliers, double boiler (mine wasn’t fancy but read on), a ladle or something to help pour the hot wax¬†and¬†100% essential oil.

The photo on the left shows some jars that I bought, from the op shop. They cost me $1 each. I like unique shapes.

I bought the wax, oil, wick and wick holders (the little metal bits at the bottom of the candles) from here. This website also has a terrific amount of information available.

From here it was as simple as STEP 1: Set up your double boiler – please be careful. You can’t put the wax directly in a saucepan, it’s like chocolate, you need to need to have it in a double boiler. For this I used a saucepan with an inch of water and placed a metal bowl on top as per the photo on the right. Not pretty but effective.

STEP 2: Scoop your wax flakes into the double boiler and watch it melt.

The wax doesn’t take too long to melt, I used a metal spoon to stir it and help it along a little.

STEP 3: Get your vessels ready. At this point get the wick attached to the metal discs and cut to the appropriate lengths according to the height of your vessel, leave a couple of inches of wick just to help you while you are positioning it in the hot wax. I used the pliers to crimp the metal wick holders, keeping the wick from sliding through.

As per the picture to the right, I used a skewer and taped the top of the wick to it, this was to help position the wick in the centre and hold it there while the candle was setting.

STEP 4: I’m pretty sure that if you read the instructions on the website that I linked to above, they will advise that you add the essential oil just before you pour. I actually poured first and then added the essential oils depending on the jar. I guess it is all trial and error depending on the strength of smell that you prefer. I used Orange and Clove Essential Oil. Very very nice.

STEP 5: Wait until the candles are partly set¬†or¬†in the “milky” phase before inserting the wick.

I used a skewer to help position the wick in the hot wax.

You can see in my photo that I have one candle already set, one milky and the two large glass jars are just poured.

I did do a candle where I added the wick while the¬†wax was hot –¬†I think the idea with the milky wax is that the metal grips stick into the milky¬†wax at the bottom to hold it¬†in place but again I’m sure it would come down to what you find easiest.

STEP 6: Wait for the candles to dry/set. Cut the wick to the desired length.

STEP 7: Enjoy. Use them. Share the Love.

See where this candle ended up here.

I linked up to Desiree’s fabulous “The 36th AVENUE” blog. Go and check it out for brilliant ideas about all things pretty.

The 36th AVENUE