For so long now, I’ve been wanting to write a blog – I don’t know why I haven’t started before now. Scared? Not sure what to write about? Last week something changed. I decided on a theme. Realised why I love reading other people’s blogs. Knew what my subject would be. The common thread – Sharing the Love. I feel connected when I read other people’s blogs, I love the craftiness of some, the wit of others and sometimes just the feeling of being alive. So here I am. Giving back to the world of blogging that has given me so much over the last few years.

A little on the heavy side bless her cotton socks.When I dreamt of writing my blog I certainly didn’t think my first entry would be about Tash the latest addition to our family.

Tash is a 4.5 y/o black labrador who arrived on our door last Sunday afternoon. Her family were moving and she couldn’t go with them and so we adopted her.

How could we not….have a look at her.

As the days went on (all 5 of them!) I got the feeling that something just wasn’t right with our new family member and so I called the vet.

A long story short and this is what our poor Tash looked like at 10pm last night.

Poor puppy with a sore ear

Diagnosis, severe ear infection, which the vet thinks she’s had for some time, coupled with ear damage from scratching and head shaking that resulted in an op for our princess and 3 weeks of medication.

How is this sharing the love? Tash wasn’t a planned addition to our family – I thought we were nearly complete with 3 girls and our puppy Rolo. I will be honest, I’m not sure that I was loving the princess on Monday.

After all of this – I’m very thankful that we were given her, because despite all else, I know that there is one less animal suffering out there because we had enough love to share. And I’ve realised, even if you think you’re full – there is always more to give.

Tash will be a Keogh forever now x